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Perky breasts and a high bustline are typical hallmarks of a youthful bust profile. However, human breast tissue is made up of a complex amalgam of healthy fat tissues, mammary glands and various connective tissues held in shape by the skin.

It’s an unfortunate fact that time and gravity are a fickle nemesis to the youthful appearance of the breasts. As time draws on, they can cause once youthful, firm breasts to lose their elasticity and start to sag.

It’s also worth noting that pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the breast tissues. As mammary glands swell and engorge with milk, it can stretch the skin as well as the connective tissues. Once you are done breastfeeding, the mammary glands tend to shrink in size while connective tissues often remain extended. The net result is a sagging bustline and breasts that feel softer than they did in your younger years.

Decades ago, the only effective way to restore some of the breast’s firmness and youthful appearance was through breast augmentation and breast implants. This procedure would essentially increase the size of each breast to artificially firm up the skin. In the following years, additional procedures may have been needed to continue to enlarge and firm the breasts.

In recent years, cosmetic breast surgery techniques have advanced to offer breast lifts as an effective method for rejuvenating the youthful appearance and profile of the breasts. This treatment has become increasingly popular to become the preferred choice over breast augmentation.

The outpatient procedure involves our doctor making careful incisions in the natural contours of your breast skin. A modest amount of excess skin is then removed to essentially firm and boost the profile of your breasts.

Many women receiving a breast lift also choose to have minor edits made to the areola. This might include a modest reduction in size and shape. In some cases, the position of the areola can also be adjusted.

The treatment process typically calls for full sedation. Our doctor will provide you with any necessary preparation and recovery instructions. It’s best to plan for some time off from work and any excess physical exertion to allow your body to heal comfortably.

If you are unhappy with the size and profile of your breasts, we invite you to consider giving our team a call to set up a breast lift consultation at our clinic.