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If you have lost one or more front teeth to a dental injury or untreated tooth decay, the missing tooth has likely done more than just hamper your ability to eat properly. Indeed, many people who are missing teeth also experience issues related to their outward appearance, which leads them to hide their smile.

At our practice, we specialize in several types of permanent and temporary dental restorations, including removable oral appliances. Many individuals who have suffered the loss of one or more teeth in the front of their mouth are interested in having our denturist fit them for a removable partial denture.

The size and components used in the partial denture might vary depending on its general size and location. Our attention to detail will help ensure that the artificial teeth closely match the surrounding natural teeth to aesthetically restore your smile’s appearance while also improving your basic ability to chew food.

Its base will be carefully designed to match the shape and contours of your existing gum structure to provide you with an exceptionally comfortable fit. Many partial dentures also include a narrow framework or a clasp to help firmly interlock it with your natural teeth.

The time it takes to generate the partial denture can vary depending on its size and location as well as the health of your remaining natural teeth and the state of your gums.

Most of the time the partial denture can be placed or removed in a few seconds. Thanks to its custom shaped base, the removable oral appliance will fit firmly in place.

However, our denturist might also recommend using denture adhesive for added stability. Just a small amount of this soft gel can help block out food particles that may linger in your mouth when you eat a meal.

Our denturist will provide you with instructions for maintaining the partial denture. With consistent daily care and cleaning, you can help preserve it for many years while ensuring a comfortable fit in your mouth. Gentle brushing and soaking of your denture as directed will also help the partial denture to feel fresh when worn.

If you have recently lost one or more teeth, you should call our team to explore your options for restoring the basic function and appearance of your smile. We look forward to meeting you!