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Congratulations, you made it to 2022! The beginning of a new year beckons us to discard old habits that haven’t worked well and embark on new goals that support our health and appearance. When it comes to how we look, some great new patterns can support our New Year’s goals to look and feel our best yet!

It Is All About the Skin

Do you wish you had more beautiful and glowing skin? Well, you can! Let’s look at some healthy new skincare routines that will help prevent dry skin, rashes, dull skin, and aging skin and support your body to bring a smile to your face.

Facial Tips

First, it’s a good idea to nourish and protect your face every day. Begin by washing your face with a foam cleanser (if you have oily-to-combination skin), while using a cream wash is better if you have dry skin. You can gently exfoliate your face weekly with a face scrub. The resulting cleared-out pores will make your skin look brighter than ever! Follow up with a moisturizer to protect your skin, preferably with SPF 30+ if you spend time in the sun. An SPF sunscreen worn daily keeps freckles, age spots, and sun damage away.

You can use flower water sprays and toners to help bring moisture to your skin. Spraying with thermal water throughout your day can also keep your face well hydrated, especially if you’re indoors all day. If you want a sunny glow without the UVF damage of tanning in the sun or tanning beds, turn to self-tanning products to maintain your gorgeous glow.

Getting a gentle face massage can help smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles and give your facial muscles a firmer tone. Did you know that getting a glycolic acid or salicylic acid peel can make your skin feel like a baby’s? You can also use a beta-hydroxy acid BHA cleanser to minimize unsightly acne.

Tip: Try a monthly facial treatment to get rid of oil and hydrate your skin.

Toss Expired Products

It’s also important to replace any skincare products you use when they reach their expiration date. You also want to toss out your regularly used makeup products to keep bacteria growth away so you don’t end up harming your complexion. It means disinfecting your most used brushes every week. Doing this will help keep infections, aka pimples, from cropping up.

You can use a face mask or face pack to help keep your skin glowing and, once a week, exfoliate your skin to remove old skin cells. When cleaning, don’t forget to use a lip scrub to soften your lips. A routine weekly facial steam can also deep clean unsightly pores and prepare the skin to absorb whatever face mask or moisturizer you use.

Your Body’s Skin Health

Don’t forget to pamper your body! A weekly massage reduces stretch marks and helps your skin look and feel more firm. And if you can, having a body wrap treatment helps boost circulation and detox your skin for a relaxing experience. Consuming daily antioxidant smoothies nourishes your skin health! Follow up with oils and gels to keep skin looking supple and feeling smooth.

When it comes to your body, engaging in a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week can promote better circulation and higher energy (think jogging, dancing or swimming). It also means fueling up on nutritious and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Stay well hydrated during your day and strive to get around 8 hours of quality sleep each night. That is when your body repairs itself so you can function optimally and look your best the next day.

Enlist Our Help

This year, give yourself the gift of healthier, more beautiful skin as one of your resolutions, and you’ll be glad you did! If you need help, our skilled team has a variety of treatments to help you look and feel your best every day. We invite you to give us a call today to learn more!