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Building up a good sweat, running that extra mile and making wise nutritional choices is not only invigorating, but it can also be an essential first step toward becoming your best self. With consistency, most people who embrace a healthy diet with regular exercise notice improvements in their health, appearance and self-esteem.

As the pounds start to melt away and your body composition transforms, there can be a few expected sticking points. Even if you manage to push through a physical plateau, the chances are that you will still notice a few trouble spots.

Stubborn fat deposits and areas of loose or sagging skin are common complaints made by individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight. In some of these situations, you might feel awkward about certain proportions or potentially uncomfortable in intimate settings.

At our clinic, we offer several possible options for individuals who need help improving their appearance after significant weight loss. Our doctor will start with a basic examination which might also include some other basic diagnostics.

In many cases like this, a body contouring treatment can dramatically improve your appearance to match the efforts you have already put in. There are a few different procedures which might be called for, depending on the areas you would like addressed.

Sagging skin on the face, or the appearance of jowls, might be addressed with a facelift or cheek lift procedure. In some of these cases, a neck lift can be performed at the same time to address loose skin in that area, as well as make minor edits to the underside of the chin.

Women who have experienced significant weight loss are often interested in a breast lift to address loose skin and heighten their bust profile.

Medial thigh and upper arm lifts might also be needed to address excess skin in these areas. Sometimes these trouble spots can also hold onto small, yet stubborn, fat deposits. If so, our doctor might be able to perform minor liposuction during the lift procedure to improve the natural tone of your arms and legs.

The lower body can be an area of concern after losing a significant amount of weight. Women often experience loose skin and sagging tissues in the abdomen, gluteal region and parts of the leg. In a case like this, our doctor might also recommend a lower body lift to curtail loose skin and create a more appealing tone.

If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, yet your body’s appearance doesn’t fully reflect your efforts, you may want to consider exploring the treatment options available at our clinic.