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A woman’s natural endowments are often tied to genetics as well as her general body composition. A woman with a low percentage of body fat may have smaller breasts for her frame. Some women with small breasts or a bust profile that has changed with age and certain lifestyle factors may be dissatisfied with their current endowments.

If you feel this way, we invite you to consider scheduling a breast augmentation consultation at our clinic. After capturing your vision for the improvement you would like made, as well as other factors such as body composition and your frame, we can explain your breast implant options.

Silicone breast implants have a long history dating back to their invention in 1962. The silicone material is essentially encased inside a soft plastic membrane and closely replicates the feeling of natural breast tissue.

In the decades since, breast augmentation materials and surgical techniques have continued to evolve. Today, saline-filled breast implants have also become very popular for women seeking to enlarge or improve the shape of their breasts. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has approved saline breast implants for women over the age of 18 and women requiring breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

The type and size of the implant might vary. Some can be placed pre-filled or filled during the breast augmentation surgery. In certain circumstances, a specially shaped breast implant membrane can be used to create a more appealing breast shape.

Round breast implants are generally available in three distinct profiles ranging from moderate to moderate-plus or high-profile. A teardrop shaped breast implant might be an appealing choice for a mature woman who wants to retain a natural shape for her age.

A smooth breast implant requires a small incision if you only want to make a modest change in the size of your breasts. Textured breast implants lay on the other end of the spectrum and have an almost sandpaper-like texture. They have a reputation for firmly adhering to the surrounding breast tissue. This can be helpful for reducing your risk of experiencing capsular contraction.

Our doctor can help you select the size and type of breast implant that is right for your goals and body type.

If you are unhappy with the size, shape or profile of your breasts, contact our experienced team to explore the breast augmentation options available through our practice. Start off the new year with look you desire!