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Can you believe it’s already the end of September? Where did this year even go? We’re about to embark on the busy holiday season, sandwiched between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the December holidays, and let’s not forget New Year’s! That’s a lot of prospective parties, end-of-the-year celebrations, work get-togethers and family events!

Look and Feel Your Best in Person and Photos

If just thinking about how you’ll show up in photos makes you want to avoid the camera at all costs, consider giving yourself a much-needed boost of confidence. If you zoom in on unsightly wrinkles when you glance into a mirror, we have a solution for you. A cosmetic facelift can make those lines and wrinkles disappear so you can feel young and vibrant once again. After a facelift, you’ll love filling your photo albums with pictures where you practically glow with pride.

If you’re dreading this calendar-packed time of year because you feel unhappy with your appearance, a facelift can give your self-esteem a significant recharge. Join the many men and women who bolster their lackluster looks with this highly effective cosmetic treatment so you can approach the months ahead with barely contained excitement (instead of dread).

An expertly executed facelift can help you turn back the clock as we erase up to 10 years worth of unsightly wrinkles and sagging skin. Our facelift tightens your underlying facial tissues, takes out excess fat, and repositions your skin so that it presents itself as firm and smooth once again. The facelift incisions are strategically and discreetly placed along your hairline and around your ears, so they are virtually invisible. In fact, today’s modern facelifts give you such a natural result that no one will notice you even had one.

What You Can Look Forward to After Your Facelift

    Week 1 – Rest and recuperate: You will receive post-surgery after-care instructions to help you feel as comfortable as possible and ease your recovery. You’ll be guided on handling your bandages, drains, medications (antibiotics and pain meds) as needed, and what level of activity you can engage in. The mantra here is to rest, rest, rest, recline instead of lying down and apply cool, not hot or cold, compresses. Don’t stress facial swelling because that’s normal and temporary after surgery.

    Week 2 – Gradually get back to your normal routine: You’ll notice swelling is steadily diminishing with every single day, and you still might see some bruising. While your facial tissues are busy healing, you might also feel some tingling or numbness around the ear lobes, face, and neck, which will also gradually diminish.

    Week 3 – Starting to feel normal: In this stage, your incisions should feel much better and smoother, even though a smidge of residual tightness may still be felt. You’ll also start seeing the new contours of your face, which is exciting! You’ll also be able to go back to work and even exercise again as long as it’s light and not strenuous.

    Week 4 – You’re officially ready to party: Your revitalized appearance will give you the joy and confidence you craved before your surgery. Now’s the time to get ready for those photos everyone will be taking and glowing in every one of them. You’ll look and feel younger than ever before, so pat yourself on the back for giving yourself one of the most priceless gifts possible.

Smile Once Again With Confidence

If you are ready to transform your appearance and self-confidence, consider giving yourself an early present – a cosmetic facelift. Your transformation will not only be physical but emotional as well and essential to a happier, more fulfilling life. If you’re ready for a change, give our team a call today to learn more!