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Fulfill your holiday wish list by treating yourself to a facelift for a “new you” this holiday season! Facelifts are a common cosmetic surgical treatment that helps restore facial skin to a former vivaciousness and combat the effects of aging. A good plastic surgeon can help you achieve your goals successfully.

You will want to meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss your desired changes in an initial consultation. Tell your surgeon what you want to change about your appearance and why. Explain your current general health and your medical history, along with any prescriptions or supplements you take every day and if you are a smoker. Establishing a good rapport with your oral surgeon helps create a good experience and your ultimate satisfaction.

Is a Facelift Right for You?

Aging invites deterioration in skin elasticity and our overall appearance even when employing skincare products to help us slow down the visual effects of aging. It doesn’t stop just because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic with lots on our minds. Particularly since stress adds to our skin looking older and harried! Now, more than ever, we need to be taking excellent care of our health, including eating for nutrition, exercising for fitness, and again, supplementing our daily routine with healthy products.

The following are some of the reasons why you might consider treating yourself to the gift of a facelift.

  • Tired Looking: If you perpetually look exhausted when you glance in a mirror, a full facelift can restore your former facial beauty.
  • Mini Facelift: You might benefit from a mini-lift with some dermal fillers and BOTOX┬« to maintain your youthful glow.
  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines: Aging diminishes your skin’s elasticity, causing fine (and deep) lines in your face. A facelift will tighten those lines and smooth them out.
  • Altered Chin & Neck Skin: Over time, your skin’s definition deteriorates, leaving you with jowls that sag, extra fat, and skin that is loose. A facelift can effectively tighten your skin in these areas.
  • Lost Muscle Elasticity: As your muscles deteriorate over time, a facelift can get rid of wrinkles by repositioning muscle, skin, and fat for a youthful appearance.

A facelift is a great, long-lasting solution to combat the effects of aging – anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If you are looking to improve how you feel about yourself, a facelift can dramatically boost your self-confidence! Our cosmetic surgery team is here to help you achieve the facelift of your dreams. Why not give yourself the gift of a new you this holiday season?