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A brow lift or forehead lift raises your sagging or deeply furrowed eyebrows that make you look chronically tired or affect your eyelids and vision. This lift fixes any sagging of the skin in the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids, smoothing out wrinkle lines that show up across your forehead. Brow lifts also smooth unsightly lines on the bridge of your nose located between your eyes. Those depressing vertical frown lines are reduced when a brow lift or cosmetic nose surgery is done.

There are two ways your brows may be surgically lifted. One is by having a cosmetic endoscopic brow lift, and the other is by having a classic direct brow lift.

Classic Direct Brow Lift

If you have sagging eyebrows, wrinkles in your forehead, puffiness around your eyes, or sagging eyelids, you will love having a classic direct brow lift done. This lift requires one continuous incision starting at ear level and running up about your hairline. Avoiding a scar with this cut often depends on where your hairline is. A small scar is made above your brow and is often done to improve your vision. Scars tend to fade with time, and your brows will look lifted and natural.

Cosmetic Endoscopic Brow Lift

This lift involves having small cuts made in your scalp where a tiny camera (or scope) is inserted in one cut while another small device is inserted into the other cut to correct the brow. With these small cuts, you will have very little scarring as the incisions are hidden behind the hairline along with a shorter healing time.

Consultation & Evaluation

When you come in to discuss your goals, we will evaluate your current health and medical history. Our doctor will examine your forehead and upper eyelids to customize your treatment plan for the most pleasing effects.

Patients often have brow lifts done along with blepharoplasty (upper or lower eyelid surgery) as well as a facelift. If you are tired of your brows making you look older or affecting your vision, cosmetic brow lift surgery may be the right cosmetic surgery treatment for you. Restore your youthful-looking skin while rejuvenating your facial appearance, and enjoy the compliments rolling in!