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Creating well-fitting, comfortable and attractive dentures is one of the things we enjoy doing best! Our goal is to help you get your smile back so you can chew, speak and smile again with confidence. One of the ways you can make this possible is by watching what you eat when you wear dentures, especially when you first start wearing dentures when you know what works best!

What and How To Eat With Your New Dentures

When you first start wearing your new dentures, liquids are ideal as your mouth heals. Stick to healthy smoothies and easy to consume soft foods such as pudding, applesauce and broth to give you important nutrients while easy on the gums. Make sure your foods and drinks aren’t hot, however, because you may have a hard time feeling the temperature. 

Next, you will start to include soft solids and make sure you cut your food into tiny pieces and chew on them evenly instead of one side of your mouth. The goal is to maintain the stability of your dentures, so be sure to take your time and chew your food completely. Any soreness will soon wear off as your mouth adjusts. After your adjustment period, you’ll be able to once again enjoy a variety of food while wearing your new dentures. 

Food Safety for Denture Wearers

  • Keep your mouth well lubricated with healthy saliva production to comfortably accommodate your dentures. Drink water and decaffeinated beverages like coffee and herbal teas. 
  • Enjoy cut-up fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches and pitted cherries. 
  • Enjoy soft veggie chips while avoiding hard popcorn kernels. 
  • Denture-friendly gum like Wrigley’s Freedent and Biotene created with denture wearers in mind is better than hard or sticky candy (they also help you avoid dry mouth)!
  • Substitute pitted olives instead of hard nuts that dislodge dentures.
  • Eat healthy bread and crackers without the seeds so they don’t get under your dentures.
  • Eat corn off the cob instead of on it! Cooked veggies are great and you can cut them thinly and small when fresh.
  • Smoothies are a great way to get your fruits and veggies.
  • Enjoy hummus, tapenades, tuna or egg salads at BBQs and social gatherings.

We hope these tips help you as you begin your journey in dentures and are proud to offer dentures for your smile. You deserve to speak, smile and eat your favorite foods again!