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When it comes to your natural teeth, they are your best version to have. That’s why you want to brush and floss every day and see your dentist twice a year. But whether from the ravages of time, injury or genetics, some or all of your teeth may eventually need to be replaced. One of the longest-standing tooth replacement options that are still popular is dentures! And they have truly come a long way since their humble beginnings.

Probably the earliest dentures on record were human or animal teeth that were held together with wires, at least when they were discovered after digging up archeological sites in Egypt and Mexico. Next, complete wooden dentures were discovered in Japan dating back to the 6th century. Fast forward to the 18th century where dentists crafted dentures from a variety of materials, including


While they didn’t fit so well, they were still good for eating with. In the 1950s, plastics and resins were developed, and they were sturdy and lasting. Today, we still use these types of dentures for patients with missing teeth. And you might use partial dentures if you are missing a few of your chompers, while wearing complete full dentures if you are missing most or all of them.

There are great denture options available today, and they do a wonderful job of maintaining your facial structure as much as possible, are easy to chew with, and can often be taken out to give your mouth a rest and your dentures a good overnight cleaning. Others turn to fixed bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth. One nice thing about traditional dentures is that they are often affordable, while dental implants are pricier and require surgery, which not every person wants.

The American Dental Association points out that today’s dentures still look like your natural teeth, which is an attractive feature of them. They also fit naturally so that they don’t look out of place in your mouth. This is important if you want to smile with confidence as well as bite, speak and chew easily. This helps maintain your current quality of life.

When you properly care for your dentures, they will serve you well, often up to seven years, making them a great investment. Unlike dental implants, dentures can be made quickly, anywhere from several days up to around six weeks. Being able to remove your dentures is also a plus, so they are easy to keep clean.

We work with dentists to create beautiful dentures for patients. This tooth replacement option remains popular for a reason! We make sure they are comfortable, affordable, and well-fitting.
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