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Sometimes dentures become loose as your jawbone deteriorates. Loose dentures can leave you with sore spots in your mouth and break your dentures if you eat big chunks of food, causing your denture to rock on your palate and then potentially crack. This is one of the main reasons you need to see your dentist every year even though you don’t have any natural teeth! Your dentist will check your mouth and make sure that your dentures are fitting properly. Problems arise when they don’t fit snugly.

Why Get a Denture Reline

Seeing your dentist to have your dentures relined means having the following checked:

-Sore spots in the mouth: Dentures are made from a hard acrylic so they won’t ever actually “break-in.” A really big sore spot may cause the oral tissue to fold up and need treatment.

-Broken oral appliance: If your denture has any parts that are broken, they need to be fixed and relined to protect your soft tissues.

-Unhygienic denture: Keeping your denture clean is important if you want them to look (and smell) good. Dirty dentures can also leave you with a yeast infection in your mouth.

-Illness or Disease: If you have a disease, gain or lose weight, this can also alter your denture fit.

-Denture adhesive: Your dentures need to fit properly to create a seal that holds your dentures in place.

A denture reline allows us to make adjustments to your dentures so the dentures fit and function the way they should to maintain a healthy smile.

Denture Reline

You may need a hard denture reline, where we take out a layer of the acrylic and make an impression that can then be adjusted to the shape of your current gum tissue. With a soft reline, we line your denture with a material that keeps it flexible. And a temporary, medicated reline may be needed if you have oral inflammation going on to help your gums heal.

To maintain a healthy smile, see your dentist for your yearly denture checkups. Our team is happy to make sure your custom dentures fit your smile comfortably and securely while looking great. We are here to make sure your dentures serve you well for years to come!