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Are you experiencing discomfort or pain with ill-fitting dentures? You shouldn’t have to! Our team focuses not only on creating great-fitting dentures but fixing them as well. Every smile is different, and because we want you to have comfortable dentures, we want to help you understand when it’s time to fix or replace your dentures.

Your gum tissue and jawbones can change over time, especially if you have had them four to six years. Daily use can wear out the dentures which in turn can wear on the bone and tissues. Be sure to see your dentist at least twice a year to help check for any issues (plus, they can help you maintain great oral health and gum tissues), and to only clean your dentures with a soft brush, dentist-approved cleaning solution and cold water. Do not try to boil them since this can cause the materials to warp.

Common denture repairs include the following:

– Adjustment: This simple repair removes or adjusts a part of the denture that is causing sore spots from rubbing.
– Denture Rebase: The base of the denture that holds your teeth in place can sometimes wear down because of use or be misaligned. We replace it and place your teeth back in a new base.
– Denture Reline: The part of your dentures that lines your soft gum tissues in your mouth is repaired. It is made to fit securely and comfortably. Sometimes, this can be a medicated reline material to help treat inflammation.

You will want to get your dentures reserviced as soon as possible if you experience any looseness or discomfort. Postponing treatment can affect the gum tissue or bone, possibly leaving you open to infections or bacteria buildup. This can also cause irritation, sores, ulcers and even tissue overgrowth. When dentures don’t fit correctly, food and plaque tend to build as well. With ill-fitting dentures, you may find it is more difficult to chew, swallow and speak.

If you notice general wear and tear, impaired chewing abilities, discomfort or your dentures keep falling out of place, it’s time to contact us for repairs.

With your teeth, you don’t want to wait more than two or more days to get your dentures back. For most cases, we can repair your dentures within the hour! To learn more about how you can repair your smile, we invite you to call our team today. We are dedicated to giving you a working, comfortable and bright smile that you’ll be happy to share with others!