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When you look into the mirror each morning, do you recognize or see your younger self? Many people struggle with the sagging skin, lines and wrinkles that come with the appearance of skin aging. While potent skin creams and professionally administered facials might help, they can help stave off the hands of time for only so long.

At our practice, we offer a variety of treatments designed to help address the symptoms of skin aging. Determining the method – or methods – that are right for you can vary depending on several important factors. Our doctor’s recommendation will be based on the specific facial features you would like addressed as well as the characteristics of your skin and the degree of skin aging you have already experienced.

Facial rejuvenation is a surgical process that can include multiple targeted treatments.

Eyelid rejuvenation can be used to help tighten sagging upper eyelids. If you have slack lower eyelids or pronounced bags underneath your eyes, these areas can also be directly addressed.

A facelift procedure might also play a key role in helping to address sagging facial skin. In some of these cases, a chin lift or partial facelift might be able to address sagging skin on the jowls. With a treatment like this, receiving cheek or chin implants might also help provide you with more pronounced facial features.

Some patients who choose a facelift as part of their facial rejuvenation process will also opt for a neck lift procedure. Having it performed at the same time as the facelift can help address sagging neck skin while also providing you with a sharper jawline.

Sagging skin on the forehead and eyebrows can be addressed in different ways. Sometimes a simple BOTOX® treatment can help minimize lines on the forehead. The process calls for multiple, minimal injections of cosmetic BOTOX®. It effectively paralyzes the muscles in the area for several weeks after which you would need to return to our clinic for a follow-up treatment.

Dermal filler injections might also be included in facial rejuvenation. These targeted treatments involve injecting a fluid-like hyaluronic acid into a key facial feature, such as the lips or brow line. It temporarily plumps the area to give it a more defined look. After a few weeks, the effect will gradually start to fade, requiring a follow-up injection.

If you are unhappy with the aged appearance of your face, we invite you to call our team to set up a consultation with one of our cosmetic professionals today. We will be happy to help you get the desired look you want!