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The holiday season is in full swing, and many are wanting to look and feel their best while connecting with family, friends and coworkers during these festive times. You will certainly be unable to turn around without someone taking pictures at work and parties and family gatherings to share on social media. Now is actually a good time to take extra care of yourself if you have been wanting nonsurgical, minimally invasive holiday procedures done with little-to-no downtime.   

Dermal Fillers for the Win  

It’s no secret that time and gravity eventually lead to the skin experiencing fat loss and weakened elasticity, leaving you with thinner lips, vertical lines on the area above the lips, more visible nasolabial folds, jowls and just having general lower-face droopiness. Conversely, “plumper” looking facial features make you look more youthful and thus more appealing. What is normally called the “Triangle of Youth” becomes the “Pyramid of Age” over time as you lose both width and tightness in the upper sections of your face while your lower face looks more prominent. Getting back that attractive volume via dermal fillers can restore your more natural appearance with a minimally invasive process.   

 Dermal fillers are often chosen for adding contour, definition and vibrance to one’s face while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles — especially around the eyes and nose —and restoring volume loss. Fillers are great for getting a touch-up before an anticipated party or gathering, as the results are visible around 48 to 72 hours after getting the fillers. Injectable neuromodulators like BOTOX®, Dysport®, etc., may be a good option for removing those unsightly forehead wrinkles. These wrinkle relaxers work their “magic” by lessening forehead movement that would create wrinkles on the top one-third of your face. After the swelling dissipates, you can see the results of your dermal fillers. Enjoy those newly contoured lines, volumized cheeks and temples along with smooth, fine-line-free skin. Also, an added bonus is that smoothing out those areas yield quick results that can last up to three months!   

Younger-Looking Eyes  

By far, one of the most common facial features patients like improving on is the eye area. Just a seemingly minimal improvement in the eyes alone can transform your entire face. Whether you get surgical or nonsurgical treatment, the beautiful results can make all the difference. If you choose eyelid surgery (called a blepharoplasty), droopy eyelids and undereye bags are fixed to flatter your facial features. In some cases, your vision can even be improved as the loose skin above the eyes is tightened.     

Double Chin Treatment  

If you are tired of seeing a double chin when you look into the mirror, you can opt for nonsurgical and noninvasive options such as CoolSculpting®, FaceTite or KYBELLA®. By freezing unsightly fat cells, we can get rid of them while tightening the skin in the treatment area. Depending on which type of treatment you end up choosing, you can look forward to long-lasting results with minimal to no recovery after your treatment.   

Cosmetic Consultation  

If you want to get your face “in shape” for the holiday season, we invite you to speak with our team to learn more about your options. If you want to give a cosmetic service as a gift to someone you love, you can do that as well! Why not give yourself the gift of revitalizing your skin as the year ends with a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing to revitalize and refresh facial features? We love helping patients get rid of freckles and sunspots for an even skin tone.    

Whether you want to give yourself or a loved one the gift of a cosmetic enhancement, we welcome you to call us to take the next step. The timing of cosmetic treatment is important to consider, and the holiday season can allow you to look your best with a minimally invasive procedure or allow you to heal and recover after a surgery. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for yourself or your loved one!