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Taking good care of teeth and gums is vital for keeping teeth in great shape, and the same is true for your dentures when they replace a missing arch! Tooth replacement options still require good oral care, because your mouth is still a place where oral bacteria can thrive. Proper care means keeping your gums in their best shape as they support your denture.

Oral Hygiene

You’ll want to maintain a daily oral hygiene routine that allows you to clean, handle and store your dentures when you take them out at night, ensuring that they will still fit perfectly and comfortably, serving you for a long time to come. If you have any remaining natural teeth, brush and floss them like you normally would. Don’t skimp on clearing away bacteria on your tongue, cheeks, and roof of the mouth either, be sure to rinse away harmful oral plaque and bacterial residue.

Safety Matters!

Just like eating food with your natural teeth, you will need to clean your mouth after eating to remove trapped food particles mixed with saliva and dental plaque (that sticky bacterial film that coats teeth, gums and dentures). Simply take a moment to rinse out your mouth and dentures to clear them, and they will fit perfectly when you put them in again.

Clean Carefully

Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners because they can scratch your dentures. Any cleansers should be mild, and don’t use toothpaste! Some of them contain abrasives. Never use bleach because it can fade the acrylic gum color, weaken the acrylic and tarnish any metal clasps. Remember to use room temperature water since hot water can alter the acrylic’s shape. When soaking your dentures overnight, only use a denture-friendly cleaner. This will help give your mouth a respite from wearing them around the clock. Just be sure you clear away all of the denture solutions before inserting your dentures again. 

Dental Adhesive? 

If you use dental adhesive to secure your dentures when wearing them, at the end of the day you’ll also want to remove the adhesive still sticking on the denture. 

Protect your oral tissues by taking good care of your remaining teeth and take just as much care of your dentures and gums. Healthy oral tissues will ensure that your dentures will continue to fit comfortably and serve you well. This means regular dental and prosthodontist visits to avoid potential issues. Remember, well-fitting dentures can keep you smiling for years to come!