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More and more plastic surgery continues to rise in popularity. No longer do men and women need to live with their unwanted or embarrassing physical flaws, thanks to the latest advances in plastic surgery and our highly qualified doctors providing you with the successful outcomes you deserve. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top five cosmetic surgeries performed today are:

    -Breast augmentation
    -Nose reshaping
    -Eyelid surgery
    -Tummy tuck

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

The goal of choosing plastic surgery is to look and feel your best accentuated with renewed self-confidence. If you are thinking about turning to plastic surgery to get the look you desire, you are in good company! The following are why we see more people than ever who want to boost their appearance surgically.

    -Constantly seeing yourself: Cell phones, selfies, and social media platforms are constantly streaming images of ourselves daily, which often highlights the things we don’t like about our looks.

    -Less stigma: Social media feeds us images of ordinary people showing off their post-surgery images and talking about what they went through. Proudly owning your self-improvement efforts is a blossoming trend these days.

    -More affordability: Many patients today are working professionals instead of just celebrities seeking a more attractive appearance. Financing options are also readily available today, including credit cards, personal loans, and even payment plans offered through your doctor’s office.

    -Greater technological advances: The nuts and bolts of surgical procedures are safer and more reliable than ever before. Just look at the modern marvel of lasers!

    -Greater health benefits: Some procedures directly impact one’s health, like breast reduction, which offers degenerative disc or back relief, while weight loss reduction surgery can reduce or eliminate chronic rashes and infections after removing extra skin.

    -Boost in self-confidence: It’s no secret that most people want to improve their self-esteem or confidence by looking their best, and plastic surgery can accomplish this.

What You Should Know After Having Plastic Surgery

So what happens after you undergo plastic surgery? We have some tips to help make your post-surgery healing process go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Healthy Wound Healing

Your surgical wounds will typically be covered using sterile dressings to avoid infection. Unless otherwise requested, you’ll leave the dressing on for up to five days to keep the wound clean and dry. Please avoid smoking for at least two weeks following your surgery to avoid reduced blood circulation in the wound and blood clots.

Sleep Positioning

After your first postoperative day, you should elevate the upper areas of your body with several pillows under your head and back to reduce swelling. It also helps keep the sutures from experiencing unnecessary tension on them.

Taking Prescription Medications

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help ease recovery after your surgery. Avoid taking these with alcohol as it can harm your organs. Laxatives might also be recommended if you experience constipation from these medications.

Venous Thrombosis Prophylaxis

This can happen from hypercoagulability if a blood clot forms in a vein, endothelial injury (damage to the lining of blood vessels) and venous stasis (where the blood flow in your veins slows down) may occur. To prevent this, you will want to get out of bed on the first day after your surgery and move your feet as much as you can.

Avoiding Alcohol

By acting as a blood thinner, alcohol increases your risk of postoperative bleeding. It also dries out your skin and increases swelling in the body. Be sure to avoid alcohol consumption for the first two weeks after your surgery or while taking prescription medication.

As the new year rolls out, if you have been considering plastic surgery to look and feel like your best self, there is no better time than now! Our skilled team invites you to give us a call to schedule a consultation and find out if you are ready to take the next step in your journey. We look forward to helping you feel confident and pleased with your appearance!