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If you are needing to replace teeth in your mouth, dentures can be a great solution! Once problem teeth have been extracted, there is a waiting time as your gums and soft oral tissues heal. When they are ready, dentures can then be made to replace the teeth. The wait time between the extraction of the teeth and replacing them with dentures varies, depending on the kind of denture that will be placed.

If you are receiving custom-crafted dentures specifically designed for your smile, it can take anywhere from three to six months after your teeth have been removed and the area is healed. This also means the dentures will be able to fit your mouth perfectly and during this time you will be able to wear temporary immediate dentures. The next step is adding your new dentures!

Immediate dentures are placed after your teeth have been removed. This helps preserve the mouth’s structure and jawbone density. That’s because when teeth are missing, the jaw bone begins to shrink because of a lack of stimulation normally provided by the tooth roots! The immediate dentures will need to be refitted or relined. And if you use immediate dentures as your permanent dentures, you can expect to have them refit many times as your jawbone continues to shrink.

How do you know when you might need dentures?

  • You have a severe toothache and the tooth is no longer salvageable
  • Your gums are severely inflamed, tender, bleeding or swollen
  • You have shifting or loose teeth (signs of bone loss)
  • Missing teeth are making your remaining teeth work harder, prematurely wearing them down
  • Hard time chewing leading to pain and indigestion

If you are needing to consider wearing dentures to replace teeth in your smile, we welcome you to reach out to our team to learn how we can help you. Today’s dentures are better than ever before and can help you complete your smile beautifully in the years to come!