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When it comes to your dentures, you may over time require adjustments to keep them fitting their best. Our denture experts offer hard, soft and temporary denture relines to make sure your appliance continues to serve you well so you can smile with confidence. If you’re wondering why this is necessary, let’s take a look!

Denture Relines

The tissues of your gums gradually change over time. If this is not accounted for, your dentures may loosen and no longer fit properly in your mouth. This is so common that it is advisable to get your dentures relined professionally every one-to-two years. This will help your denture to fit snugly in your mouth without shifting around when you speak, chew or bite.

Hard Reline

Hard denture relines are best done every couple of years. During this process, a layer of plastic is taken from the inside surface of the denture and then a kind of puttylike material is made to cover the inside surface of the denture to make an impression, which will be adjusted to accommodate the current shape of your gums.

Soft Reline & Temporary Reline

For a soft denture reline, we can reline your denture with a pliable material that lasts one to two years for a comfortable fit that won’t irritate your gums. A temporary denture reline is done if impressions can’t easily be made for a soft or hard reline. This temporary break allows your gums to recover from ill-fitting denture and any inflammation of your gum tissue can diminish.

If you have noticed that your dentures don’t fit as snugly as they used to, or if they hurt when you wear them, then it may be time for a denture reline! Your dentures should create a comfortable, appealing, and functional result so you can eat, speak and smile with confidence. We invite you to reach out to our on-site dental lab today!