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Dentures today have come a long way! Older dentures were made from porcelain or plastic materials while today’s dentures are typically made from a hard resin material. Dentures of the past used to break easily, but today’s dentures allow us to make more durable dentures thanks to advancing denture technology. With proper care, you can wear your dentures for about five years before having to replace them.

Essentially, your dentures are artificial teeth and gums and are made to replace a few teeth or all of your teeth. They can be customized for the top or bottom arch, or both. Modern dentures are designed to comfortably sit in your mouth and look like real teeth. Wearing dentures not only replaces natural teeth so you can chew, talk and smile normally, but they also preserve the mouth’s structures around the cheeks and lips.

Often chosen to replace natural teeth that have had problems or relentless tooth pain, dentures are especially helpful for teeth with extensive damage like rotted tooth roots. Our denturists offer customized top-quality dentures to replace your lost teeth. In the past, dentures might shift around in the mouth or click when you talked, but not so anymore.

Today’s dental technology allows us to create dentures that blend easily into your natural smile. They aren’t created to look “perfect” anymore, rather, they look like your own teeth and gums! This looks much more natural and allows them to blend into your smile so no one knows you are wearing dentures.

If you have had problems with your teeth and need to have tooth replacements, today’s dentures can make an optimal, cost-effective solution. We are proud to customize the perfect dentures for your smile!