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If you have broken or lost teeth from decay or injury, today’s dentures are a great tooth replacement if you don’t want dental implants. Dentures can provide you with a fully functioning set of teeth that look and feel natural. They can keep you looking younger by giving your cheeks the shape and definition they need to maintain a full facial profile. Otherwise, tooth gaps can cause facial muscles to sag or drop, resulting in an older appearance.

Comprised of plastic, acrylic and metal, modern dentures are increasingly comfortable while maintaining a strong bite. Dentures boost confidence levels by keeping the smile looking healthy. This can boost self-esteem when in the company of others, whether at social functions, work or with loved ones.

Partial Dentures
These offer tooth replacement with artificial teeth that are attached to a gum-colored plastic base. They work for those who still have teeth in the upper or lower jaw. By placing crowns on the teeth sitting on either side of the open space, the artificial teeth are attached to them, forming a bridge when can be cemented in place. By filling gaps in tooth spacing, the teeth will stay firmly in place and not shift position. These partial dentures can be removed and held in place with internal attachments for a natural-looking effect.

Complete Dentures
These dentures are created for those whose teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has healed. They can replace teeth in one arch or both, as needed. When worn with denture adhesive this prosthetic remains securely in place.

Well cared for dentures can last up to 10 years, making them a good investment. Simply clean them daily as you would your own teeth, using a toothbrush and soaking them during the night while you sleep. Eating with your dentures allows you to chew food properly again, so you can continue consuming the nutritious foods your body needs to stay healthy.

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