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When it comes to dentures and your smile, you have some great options today! Whether you are looking to replace full mouth teeth or just a partial arch of your teeth, there are of course things to consider before choosing the best dentures for your smile needs.

Today’s Traditional Dentures

Replacing natural teeth with their artificial counterparts is better than ever with the latest technology available and your choice of denture (a prosthesis). It can optimally restore your tooth health once again so you can chew, speak and smile naturally with ease. Traditional dentures are much like they always were with the exception of design enhancements so they fit and look most natural in your mouth. In the past, traditional dentures relied on being attaching to the gum tissue with the help of suction and denture adhesives. You still take these out when you go to sleep for the night and store them in a cleaning solution, giving your gums some rest. They are affordable, easy to clean and you can still eat most of your favorite foods. Still, over time, they can allow bone loss in the jaw as there are no tooth roots to stimulate bone growth to maintain density.

Implant-Supported Dentures

This denture option attaches to the jaw with the help of dental implants that are surgically and strategically placed. The implant itself acts as a tooth root replacement, so it continues to stimulate your jaw like a natural tooth does, maintaining ample bone density which also means your facial structure will remain full (and more youthful). These implants are inserted into the bone, and there may be two to six of them required to accommodate your unique needs (partial arch or full arch). You can choose to have these dentures affixed to the implants or be removable so you can take them out and clean them. In addition to preserving your jaw bone density for better bone health, these dentures maintain a sturdy hold so they don’t slip when you eat or speak and pretty much feel like your natural teeth.

Your Choice

As you can see, both types of dentures have their benefits and often it comes down to the expenditure required as well as your jaw health. Choosing the right dentures for your smile is a long-term oral health and lifestyle investment. Our team of denturists is pleased to offer these choices for you so you can speak, eat and smile again with confidence. If you would like to learn more or have your broken dentures fixed, we are here to help! Your smile deserves to be healthy and attractive so you look and feel your best and age gracefully!