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The muscles and joints of your musculoskeletal system are intended to work together dynamically. Not only does this provide you with a fluidity of motion when you walk, but the relationship between all these components as well as the associated connective tissues can also impact your quality of life.

When joints and muscles are stiff or injured, it can limit your ability to work, affect your daily comfort level or potentially lead to safety issues in the home. Fortunately, our practice specializes in helping address a wide range of issues associated with acute and chronic discomfort throughout the musculoskeletal system.

After an initial examination, which may require additional diagnostics, our chiropractor will present you with a menu of treatment options. The one that is right for you will depend on the specifics of your condition and may be influenced by your general fitness level. Some cases may require instrument-aided or manual adjustments, while others may find significant improvement from incorporating basic exercises and stretches into your daily routine.

The success rate for some treatment plans can be improved by incorporating therapeutic massage. This might even be called for to address something as simple as chronic tension or discomfort associated with stress or poor posture. It’s also worth noting that a significant body of research has found that varying levels of therapeutic massage can also help patients who are struggling with fibromyalgia.

We offer several different massage techniques and durations. After an essential assessment, our chiropractor will recommend the one that best fits your issues and personal preference.

With many of these cases, the kneading and pulling motions of the therapeutic massage will serve to loosen tension in the muscles and the connective tissues which influence the joint stability and alignment. The treatment can also help to stimulate increased blood flow in the associated area, which may help improve localized inflammation while potentially speeding the healing process of injured soft tissues.

Many patients who receive a therapeutic massage at our practice enjoy improved flexibility, reduced stress levels and improved mobility. This may also enable you to better perform basic stretches and therapeutic exercises.

If you have been dealing with a joint injury, fibromyalgia or muscle tension, please give our team a call to set up an appointment with our chiropractic staff. We look forward to helping restore your quality of life!