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As you age and your oral health declines, you may start to have problems with teeth and gums that result in tooth loss. The good news is, dentures can restore your smile’s function and appearance so you can talk, chew, and eat normally again. Even better, today’s dentures are nothing like their early counterparts.

Dentures are a practical and affordable option for many people. They can help you look your best if you have lost teeth and are embarrassed by the empty spaces as well as help you chew again. You could be on your way to tooth loss if your gums bleed, are swollen, tender or red, because that’s what happens if periodontal disease progresses unchecked and bone loss occurs.

Wearing Complete Dentures allows you to:

  • Bite and chew you most of your favorite foods
  • Restore your self-confidence when speaking, smiling or chewing around others
  • Prevent the loss of facial structure which happens as tissues sag and cave inward from missing multiple teeth
  • Keep the rest of your teeth from wearing down if you still have them
  • Take them out for easy cleaning 

For people who have had problems with their teeth over the years resulting in pain, it can be a relief to wear dentures instead. Thankfully, today’s dentures are more flexible, sturdy and easy to care for than ever.

We are proud of our dentures and look forward to helping you feel good about your smile again. Our denturists skillfully provide you with the tooth replacement option you want and deserve. We make sure to customize your dentures to fit your smile perfectly and comfortably. You can look forward to no longer worrying about tooth problems again!