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When you first start wearing dentures, it will feel strange having them in your mouth. Initial soreness and problems with talking and chewing is common in the beginning. Eventually, they will feel so comfortable that you won’t even notice them anymore. So if you notice that your dentures are suddenly not fitting well they should be looked at. This discomfort is not normal, so if they start to feel uncomfortable, your dentist should take a look to see if they need to be adjusted.

Signs Your Dentures Need Adjusting

A poor fit over time can cause problems with your gum health. Signs that your dentures need to be refit (or replaced!) include the following:

-Slipping or shifting around in your mouth when you eat, speak or laugh or sneeze. A loose-fitting denture can cause discomfort from a sore mouth as the appliance rubs against sensitive gum tissue, moves from side-to-side or lifts up off your gums. A reline can solve the problem and avoid potential embarrassment if this happens when you are in the company of others.

-Soreness in the oral tissues can occur when the denture isn’t fitting correctly, and will only get worse if the dentures aren’t refitted or relined. If you notice soreness, see your dentist for a refit.

-Your jaw and gums shouldn’t hurt when wearing your denture. There should be no discomfort or pain once you are past the initial stage of wearing them. See your dentist for relief!

-If you have problems eating or are sticking to a limited, soft food diet, that is a sign to see your dentist! While you may not be able to eat certain foods, you should still be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients your body needs.

-If you see a buildup of food particles under your denture, this indicates a poor fit. Without intervention, you’ll form harmful plaque and tartar underneath the denture. Your dentist can adjust your denture so that a seal is created near the gums to prevent oral debris from collecting.

For a healthy, beautiful smile, take good care of your dentures and see your dentist regularly so that your denture can maintain a perfect fit. A simple reline or replacing when necessary can keep your gums healthy and strong for years to come!