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When it comes to holistic and mercury-free dentistry, you can look at it as whole-body dentistry and call it mercury-safe dentistry. As holistic dentists, biological (or natural) dentistry is also apt because we focus on the link between your oral health and your overall health. It is important because the health of your teeth and gums can have an impact on your general health.

General Health

Periodontal disease can cause systemic conditions, including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and low birth weight babies. Our goal is to limit your exposure to mercury as well as radiation. When it comes to biological dentistry, we take into account how our dental procedures, techniques, and materials affect your body system as a whole.

Since this heavy metal has harmful effects on the body, we avoid using it. According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on the earth. It sounds like something you do not want near or even in your body!

Mercury Is Linked To the Following:

  • Vision loss
  • Changes in behavior
  • Weakness in the muscles
  • Problems in the nerve response
  • Excessive amounts leading to kidney and respiratory failure

The constant exposure to mercury in your body can affect your cognitive functions through mental confusion and fogginess, problems with your digestive system, and even allergies. Too much mercury in the body has also been connected to Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Having mercury fillings is not something that you want in your body when other options are available.

Mercury Toxicity

Silver or amalgam fillings are about one-half elemental mercury as it exposes your body to this neurotoxin. Over the years, mercury has been removed from many consumer products as well as environmental sources. Today, mercury impacts people the most through coal-fired power plants and silver (amalgam) dental fillings. Toxic effects from mercury impact your nervous and immune system so that even a small amount can harm your body. Unfortunately, mercury is slowly released from your silver or amalgam fillings whenever you chew, drink, and swallow. Over the years, these harmful effects add up.

Removing Silver Fillings

As holistic dentists, we do not believe in using amalgam fillings in your mouth at all, and when possible, advocate replacing old amalgam fillings with mercury-free fillings while using strict protocols for their safe removal. It is because silver fillings are releasing a continuous stream of mercury vapor, which you breathe in. It can be absorbed by your lungs as well as your body.

The more you absorb, the more problems it can cause since mercury accumulates over time. Our dental techniques, instruments, and barriers are designed to protect you, our dentist, and the dental team from exposure to mercury vapor and residue when removing amalgam fillings.

Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Our dental practice focuses on keeping your smile (and body) as healthy as possible. Fortifying yourself with good nutrition, fitness, and avoiding harmful lifestyle habits and products means having a healthier smile as well. The mouth and body are inexplicably linked, so what affects one affects the other. As holistic dentists, we treat your dental issues by taking into account your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We focus on balancing the bacteria in your mouth to boost your dental health and overall health. Our white fillings are healthier for your body and more attractive in your smile, and we use minimally-invasive technologies and treatments.

If you are looking for healthier alternatives in dentistry, we welcome you to call our office and schedule a consultation with our dentist. We look forward to helping your smile and your body to serve you well in the years to come!