How Plastic Surgery Can Be an Effective Solution for Acne Scars

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Acne is a seemingly innocent skin condition that impacts millions of people globally, leaving behind a trail of emotional scars to match the physical ones. While the immediate frustration of unsightly pimples and blackheads may dissipate with time, the lasting dermal effects of acne can be a persistent reminder of... Read more »

From Jaw Pain to Wellness: Learn How TMJ Impacts Your Health

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When most people think about TMJ disorders, they often associate them with jaw pain and discomfort. While this is a common symptom, what many people don't realize is that the effects of TMJ disorders can actually go far beyond just jaw health. Let's delve into how TMJ issues can contribute... Read more »

Sleep Apnea: How To Reclaim Your Sleep and Well-Being

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Sleep is the cornerstone of our well-being, but for people grappling with sleep apnea, it's a nightly struggle. This prevalent yet often undiagnosed sleep disorder doesn't just disrupt your sleep; it can profoundly impact your overall health as well. Let's delve into the world of sleep apnea, from recognizing its... Read more »

How Pulp Capping Can Preserve Healthy Exposed Tooth Pulp

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When it comes to dental care, most of us envision getting routine check-ups, the occasional dental filling, and perhaps the anxiety-inducing root canal. However, there's a lesser-known restorative treatment in dentistry called “pulp capping”, an innovative technique that can prevent the need for more invasive treatments, while preserving your healthy... Read more »

Oral Surgery Evolution: Breaking New Ground With Innovative Procedures

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Oral surgery, once synonymous with tooth extraction and discomfort, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Thanks to advancements in technology and techniques, our oral surgeons are continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Let's take a closer look at how oral surgery is continuously evolving and the cutting-edge techniques and technologies... Read more »

How Mouth and Bite Reconstruction for TMJ Pain Offers Relief

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If you are dealing with temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMJ), you already know it can be a painfully disruptive condition. TMJ pain and its discomfort can arise from misaligned teeth, jaw injuries, stress and teeth grinding. Untreated TMJ pain can significantly impact your quality of life with chronic headaches, facial... Read more »

How a Frenectomy May Be the Key to Better Periodontal Health

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Good oral hygiene and periodontal health play a crucial role in our overall well-being. Periodontal health involves the tissues that support the teeth, including the gums, ligaments, and bones. Untreated periodontal issues can lead to tooth loss and even impact systemic health. A frenectomy is a periodontal treatment that may... Read more »

Summertime and TMJ: Eight Ways to Manage Jaw Pain and Discomfort

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As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, summertime brings with it a sense of excitement and the promise of outdoor activities. Still, for those suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, the season's heat can actually exacerbate jaw pain and discomfort. If you find yourself facing this challenge, read... Read more »

Traveling with Periodontal Disease: Tips for Maintaining Oral Health on Summer Trips

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Vacations are the perfect time to relax, explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories. If you are dealing with periodontal disease, it's also important to prioritize your oral health while traveling. Neglecting your oral care routine during your trip can worsen your condition and lead to discomfort. To ensure an... Read more »

Fun and Healthy Summer Treats for Kids

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Summer is here, and kids eagerly await their favorite season of outdoor play and endless fun. As a parent, you want to ensure that your children enjoy refreshing snacks during the hot summer days, but you also want to keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free. Don't worry! We've got you... Read more »

Sleep Apnea in Children: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that doesn’t just arise in adults. In fact, children can also be afflicted with this disorder. Much like adults, sleep apnea in children can have a serious impact on their overall health and well-being. As a parent, recognizing and understanding the signs, symptoms,... Read more »

Unveiling the Advantages: Exploring the Benefits of Endodontic Microsurgery’s Advanced Techniques

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Endodontic microsurgery, also known as apical microsurgery or retrograde endodontic surgery, is a specialized dental procedure that involves using advanced techniques and high-powered magnification to treat root canal problems that cannot be resolved through conventional root canal therapy. This cutting-edge approach has revolutionized the field of endodontics and has numerous... Read more »

Unlocking Relief: The Transformative Role of Oral Surgery in Easing Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders can cause significant pain and discomfort, affecting a person's ability to speak, eat, and even sleep. While non-surgical treatments such as medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes are often the first line of defense, oral surgery can play a vital role in managing and treating severe... Read more »

Can You Find Jaw Pain Relief With Massage Therapy?

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Do you struggle with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain? If so, you are not alone. This condition affects millions of people around the world. The TMJ is the joint connecting your jawbone to your skull, and it can become painful or inflamed due to a variety of factors, including stress, teeth... Read more »

How Does Stress Impact Your Temporomandibular Joints (TMJs)?

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April is recognized as Stress Awareness Month. Stress is an inevitable part of life, so it is essential to understand the negative impacts it can have on your overall health. Stress affects your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and it can manifest itself in various ways, including harming your temporomandibular... Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month and How We Can Help You

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April is not only the beginning of spring but also marks the start of two important health awareness campaigns: Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Facial Protection Month. Oral Cancer Awareness Month aims to spread awareness about the risks and potential signs of oral cancer, which can affect the lips, tongue,... Read more »

March Hosts National Sleep Awareness Week and We Can Help!

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Since March is National Sleep Awareness Week (March 12-18), this is the perfect time to evaluate your sleep quality and find ways to catch more zzz's for better mental and physical health and well-being. Sleep Awareness Week officially starts at the beginning of daylight saving time (DST), which is when... Read more »

Common Oral Surgeries That Can Help Restore a Healthy Smile

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As oral maxillofacial surgeons, we can perform a variety of oral surgery treatments focusing on reconstructive surgery of the face, facial trauma surgery, the oral cavity, head and neck, mouth, and jaws. We strive to help you regain your dental health and facial appearance. There are many reasons why a... Read more »

Our Periodontist Can Help You Overcome Severe Gum Disease

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You might need to see our periodontist if you have chronic bad breath, your gums bleed whenever you brush or floss, or your gums look swollen and feel tender when touched. Healthy gums are crucial for a healthy mouth, so please don't be tempted to ignore these warning signs of... Read more »

Eating Healthy Foods While Straightening Your Teeth

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March is the 50th anniversary of National Nutrition Month. With spring almost here, this is a great time to renew your focus on eating the foods your body and mouth need while protecting your braces hardware or clear aligners. Tooth-Friendly Healthy Foods This is a good time to make sure... Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for More Healthy, Beautiful Skin!

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When making New Year's resolutions, don't forget to include taking better care of your skin! As your body's largest organ, your skin will benefit from you keeping it healthy and looking and feeling its best. Skincare begins inside your body and ultimately ends up outside, so go ahead and use... Read more »

A Helpful Q&A on What To Expect From a Wisdom Tooth Extraction  

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Do you need to have wisdom teeth pulled, whether from crowding in your mouth, a molar coming in wrong or being infected? Today's state-of-the-art technology makes wisdom tooth extraction easier and more comfortable with proven sedation methods. Check out some of the most common questions we get about wisdom tooth... Read more »

10 Cool Facts You Should Know About Your Sleep Apnea

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Do you wake up feeling groggy despite having a full night's sleep? Do you wake yourself up in the middle of the night snoring loudly or gasping and choking for breath? These are red flags indicating you might have sleep apnea. If so, you are one of the almost 30... Read more »

The Real Reason You Should Never Ignore Your Toothache

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If you have ever had a toothache, you know that it can make it hard to function or focus on your day-to-day obligations. Once you notice pain in a tooth, pay attention because it means that the tooth root is likely inflamed and irritated. This can quickly lead to infection,... Read more »

This American Diabetes Month, We Have Some Tips To Protect Your Teeth and Gums! 

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November isn’t just Thanksgiving: It’s also National Diabetes Month. This disease affects around 37 million Americans, including adults and young people. Oral health is closely linked to health issues, including diabetes, and vice versa. Along with your primary care doctor and other specialists, your health care team should also include... Read more »

Common Myths About Root Canals and Why They Are False

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While root canals aren't in the least funny, some of the myths around them are pretty laughable. But they can still scare you away from getting treatment. And that's the last thing you should do, delay a needed root canal treatment (RCT)! Putting off treatment and avoiding it altogether can... Read more »