10 Cool Facts You Should Know About Your Sleep Apnea

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Do you wake up feeling groggy despite having a full night's sleep? Do you wake yourself up in the middle of the night snoring loudly or gasping and choking for breath? These are red flags indicating you might have sleep apnea. If so, you are one of the almost 30... Read more »

The Real Reason You Should Never Ignore Your Toothache

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If you have ever had a toothache, you know that it can make it hard to function or focus on your day-to-day obligations. Once you notice pain in a tooth, pay attention because it means that the tooth root is likely inflamed and irritated. This can quickly lead to infection,... Read more »

This American Diabetes Month, We Have Some Tips To Protect Your Teeth and Gums! 

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November isn’t just Thanksgiving: It’s also National Diabetes Month. This disease affects around 37 million Americans, including adults and young people. Oral health is closely linked to health issues, including diabetes, and vice versa. Along with your primary care doctor and other specialists, your health care team should also include... Read more »

Common Myths About Root Canals and Why They Are False

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While root canals aren't in the least funny, some of the myths around them are pretty laughable. But they can still scare you away from getting treatment. And that's the last thing you should do, delay a needed root canal treatment (RCT)! Putting off treatment and avoiding it altogether can... Read more »

Why Are Mercury-Free Dental Fillings Better for Your Mouth and Body?

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Did you know that silver fillings, which are typically referred to as amalgam fillings, contain 50% mercury by weight? Originally created in the 1800s, these fillings are unhealthy for your mouth (and body) because mercury is a toxic substance. That's why we are continually warned about consuming fish from mercury-filled... Read more »

Learn How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Correct an Open Bite

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There are various reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment, including straightening your teeth and aligning your misaligned bite. Another reason is correcting an open bite. It is a common dental issue and can be effectively addressed with orthodontics. You want your upper and lower teeth to come together with a slight... Read more »

How Does Bruxism Affect Your TMJ and How Can It Best Be Treated?

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The term "bruxism" refers to a repetitive jaw-muscle movement where you habitually and subconsciously grind your teeth together and clench your jaw muscles. It affects the temporomandibular joints located on both sides of your jaws that function by helping you smoothly open and close your jaw. Why is Excessive Bruxism... Read more »

Learn the Facts About Sleep Apnea and Get the Help You Need

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Knowing basic facts about trouble sleeping can come in handy for sleep apnea. Probably the biggest obstacle to a good night's sleep is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Did you know that sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed? This sleep disorder leaves you struggling to sleep well, repeatedly pausing your breathing throughout... Read more »

This National Children’s Dental Health Month, Learn How Dental Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Developing Smile

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February heralds the annual American Dental Association's (ADA) National Children's Dental Health Month! Designed to raise awareness for optimal oral health in children, the NCDHM has been helping millions of families across the country. They are promoting better oral health with the theme, "Sealants Make Sense" this year. The goal... Read more »

Now Is the Time To Set Orthodontic Goals for an Aligned Smile!

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It's that time of year again when we look back over the past year and make some goals to better ourselves mentally and physically. For many, that includes improving their smile! While considering your New Year’s resolutions for this year, be sure to include improving your smile on your list!... Read more »